1st Tier Technology, LLC is what is commonly known in the marketplace as a stocking dealer. Simply put, we buy and store items (specifically of the Sun/Oracle server variety) and sell from our inventory on the fly to China, India and the U.S. This approach has increased our ability to better serve the market and our clientele.

1st Tier was founded in February 2005 in Delaware. From the very beginning, our focus has been on customer service. Sure, all businesses strive for this. But, along the way, that philosophy can be pushed aside in favor of making money. We, too, enjoy the fruits of our labor, but we truly understand that we are here only because of the loyal clientele we have built through the reliable work we do and the services we provide.

Around the six-year mark of our business history, we invested in China. So many products come from China, but many fear taking a chance due to counterfeiting issues that are seemingly ongoing. We took this into account and invested in a set of eyes to allow us to negate these issues.

That investment has been a boon for us, both in terms of the products we stock (which were the reason for this endeavor) and the way it has garnered new clients for us. As a result of this proven three-year experiment, we moved into India and became fully operational in December 2014.

As the market changes, we have to adapt. That is another reason for our success – because we listen to what the client and/or market isn’t saying, as well as to what they do say. This keeps us ahead of the curve.

We have also recently begun a relationship with Oracle there are 60,000 resellers alone just here in the States. These resellers are buying and/or selling Dell/HP/Oracle or whatever they can get from the market, but opening up the Oracle pipeline has also been very kind to us.

When you love what you do, it isn’t work, and we believe our small, but effective staff can attest to that mantra as well. We have fun doing what we do, which is a huge plus because this job is full-time. By that, I mean London, New Delhi, Singapore or Detroit may call at any time. When the call comes, we just put our game faces on, answer the phone and do our absolute best to close the deal and welcome yet another new client into our family.